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Water Design Japan Secures 3rd Place at the Startup Conference East Meets West in Hawaii

At Water Design Japan, where our passion for water and nature knows no bounds, we are thrilled to announce our 3rd place victory at the "East Meets West" event held in Hawaii. This gathering brings together investors and entrepreneurs from Asia, Hawaii, and North America, fostering networking and fundraising opportunities in the startup sector, and highly valuing innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Ultra Fine Bubble generator nozzle "UFB DUAL," which reduces and resolves pipe blockages and damage without the use of chemicals, has been introduced in over 8,000 locations across 13 countries. This technology ensures water quality improvement and maintenance while minimizing environmental impact.

Furthermore, our new brand "awamiz" offers a dog shampoo that provides an eco-friendly option while safeguarding the health of our furry family members. This product, developed using Ultra Fine Bubble water technology, contributes to improving the quality of life for pets and their owners.

Our 3rd place finish at East Meets West demonstrates the international recognition of Ultra Fine Bubble technology and its potential for further growth. We remain committed to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to improve the lives of people around the world.

This significant achievement was made possible thanks to your support. We look forward to continuing our journey and building a better future together.

For those interested, please contact us at:

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