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The World's First

Water Pipe Nozzle

The Ultra Fine Bubble Generator

【Patent No】 6182715 

【Water supply certificate No】 W077-11004-237

【Drinkable water test】Passed in Japan

Total Implemented Numbers

More than 5,000+ places



Hot Spring

Hair Salon


Agriculture Farm

Fish Farming

Food Processing


Swimming Pool

In our experiment, Water Design's Ultra Fine Bubble system was able to demonstrate a function that was sufficiently effective for hydrogen bath water production.

Professor Emeritus Okouchi

Presentation at the 64th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

Among the various latest equipment, the most common answer from its customer satisfaction survey were following,
“The bath was good. The water was soft.”

Pier 1 Hotel

Use Cases & Voices of Customers

​Proofed Effects

Image by Curology

Hyper Cleaning Effect

The energy of the Ultra Fine Bubbles disappears and it gets released onto the area. It is effective in peeling off the adhered substances. Also, the bubble-cell can go underneath the dirt-cell to remove the dirt from the buttom.

Gas Dissolution Effect

Ultra Fine Bubbles are extremely small bubbles that can stay in water for about a year. Therefore, other gas such as hydrogen or carbonic acid can be dissolved in the bubbles, and the water can be changed to different characteristics.

Moisturizing Effect

Ultra Fine Bubbles easily penetrates into skin pores and hair cuticles and have a moisturizing effect. Research shows UFB promotes the growth for plants.

Our Differences

World's First, Pipe Type

World's first Acquired water pipe equipment certification for the first time in the world as an ultra fine bubble generator. The company passed the drinkable water test and obtained a patent. The following three factors are the reasons in obtaining the patent.

Stabilized Water Pressure

Patent obtained technology that minimizes water pressure and reduces water volume. Can be used without feeling that the water pressure and water volume have become weak.

Way of Generate Ultra Fine Bubble

The foam generation method, which is one of the reasons for patenting UFB DUEL, uses existing oxygen in the water without using air from the outside. Therefore, there is no need for worrying about bacterias, in the outside air, getting mixed during the process. As a result, it has passed water supply certification and drinking water.

Made in Japan Quality

Ultra fine bubble is a technology that has been actively researched and developed in Japan, but there is not much international definition and recognition as yet. We apply this Japanese first technology to many industries to create a better environment and future.


What is UFB?

What is Ultra Fine Bubble technology?

Ultra Fine Bubble is a very tiny fine bubble which is 1/1000 nano-micron sized.
It is an innovative technology from Japan.
※It is smaller than virus, it cannot be seen even with microscope.

UFB technology has been used at many industries such as, environment, factory, food processing, agriculture, fish farming, medical, beauty, and more.

It has been tested and proofed in many places, it has been put to practical use today.

Founder's Story 

I want to leave something good for the future.That is why I invented this product after retiring my former company's CEO position. 


Climate change, global warming, contamination of water are getting worse every year. I cannot leave the world like this to the next generation including my family. Today's world is what "we" created, and the problems are getting more critical.


I hope this product will be one of the solution. - Thank you

Masahiro Shibazuka


Masahiro Shibazuka


Masahiro started his career at Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., then transferred to Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering Co. Later, Masahiro became a board member of the same firm, and became a CEO of Mitsubishi Chemical CLEANSUI Co., Ltd. After retiring the CEO position, Masahiro established Water Design to invent UFB DUEL.

Haku Hou San


Born and raised in China and Japan, went to get degree in Beijing Normal University while attending university in Japan. Haku established own business while schooling, later on buy-out the company. Currently Haku work as individual investor, also work for Water Design.

Kazushi Fujita


After graduating from high-school, Kazushi moved to China and established his own e-commerce business. Kazushi continued to build business, including a weekly apartment service, hotel booking system, and more. After returning from China, Kazushi established a Japanese subsidiary and serves as representative. Currently Kazushi is involved in the management of a distribution company and Water Design.

Natsumi Ito


Raised in a global environment of Taiwan and Japan, earned a degree in Pennsylvania, USA. After graduating from college, Natsumi started working for an IT startup and was mainly in charge of English-speaking market at the overseas division. Natsumi later worked at a foreign-owned company involved with marketing automation. Currently Natsumi is part of Water Design for managing PR and overseas expansion.

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